1. Paper plane. There is a text Fly Away at the top
    Fly Away (Single), 2023
    Small Christmas present for every age
  2. Image with a hand squishing grapes. There is a text Dionys at the bottom
    Dionys, 2021
    Searching for our sound
    • The Game
    • Riot Grrrl
    • How I Feel Today
    • Goliath(Demo)


Following Olympus from the Ruhr area (Ruhrpott) - a band whose music defies categorization. Their songs blend gripping lyrics and catchy rock melodies into an electrifying sound that skillfully weaves together gritty indie rock, pre-grunge, noise-pop, and punk elements. Since the release of their first EP "Dionys" in 2020, they've continually gained attention. Even at their stage debut in the preliminary round of the SPH Music Master 2022, they captured the audience's hearts and secured the first place. This success was followed by a second place in the regional finals, earning them a spot in the semifinals. Their presence in the local music scene has solidified since, with further high-energy performances in 2023, including "Recklinghausen leuchtet". Except for that, they released their last single "Fly Away"in December of 2023, which straight away conquered the hearts of the fans. Currently, they are intensely working on a brand-new EP that not only showcases their creative diversity but also displays their musical evolution in a captivating manner. Following Olympus is consistently shaping their unique sound—an unmistakable musical experience that will simply captivate you!


  1. 16.02.2024 - Open Stage Opener @ Rock Cafe Q (Castrop-Rauxel, Germany)
  2. 20.01.2024 - Rock Odyssee (self-organized) @ Parkhaus Meiderich (Duisburg, Germany) [Recap]
  3. 19.01.2024 - Open Stage @ Rock Cafe Q (Castrop-Rauxel, Germany) [Recap]
  4. 16.12.2023 - X-MAS-Special (self-organized) @ Bochum, Germany [Recap]
  5. 23.11.2023 - Talentschuppen @ Subrosa (Dortmund, Germany)
  6. 28.10.2023 - Clubraum Leuchtet @ Recklinghausen Leuchtet (Recklinghausen, Germany) [Recap]
  7. 18.10.2023 - Sparkassen-Clubraum - Live in Concert @ Altstadtschmiede (Recklinghausen, Germany) [Recap]
  8. 05.10.2023 - OPEN STAGE GELSENKIRCHEN (acoustic) @ Wohnzimmer GE (Gelsenkirchen, Germany) [Recap]
  9. 23.09.2023 - SPH Music Masters: Regional Finale @ Rockpalast (Bochum, Germany) [Recap]
  10. 02.09.2023 - Sparkassen-Clubraum Contest @ Jugendzentrum Nord (Herten, Germany) [Recap]
  11. 01.10.2022 - SPH Music Masters: Regional Finale @ Riff (Bochum, Germany) - 2nd place [Recap]
  12. 30.09.2022 - U-Sound @ U27 (Bochum, Germany) [Recap]
  13. 01.09.2022 - Talentschuppen... unten am Hafen (acoustic) @ Subrosa (Dortmund, Germany) - 4th place
  14. 14.05.2022 - SPH Music Masters: Preliminary Round @ Rockpalast (Bochum, Germany) - 1st place